Thursday, December 19, 2013

Beben III - OpenArena/Quake 3 for iOS


Beben III is a Quake 3 engine for iOS devices based on ioquake3. It allows you to play Open Arena, Quake 3 Arena or Quake 3 Shareware. It supports retina resolution and should work flawlessly on all your iOS devices.

How to download game files

When you press "SELECT GAME" you can choose what game you want to download/play. Just tap on either "Open Arena" or "Quake 3 Shareware", for "Quake 3 Arena" you need to own the original game and import it with iTunes File Sharing (see below). 

While the game files are downloading you will see a progress bar to keep you informed about the current progress. You can cancel and restart the download at any time buy tapping the "X" button on the right side.

How to install Quake 3 Arena

To play Quake 3 Arena on Beben III you will need the official game files updated to the latest version (v1.32 zip available here).

1) Navigate to the baseq3 folder located in your quake 3 installation.
2) Download q3ios_00.pk3 and place it inside the baseq3 folder.
3) Create a zip file of the folder contents.

4) Rename the zip file to "".
5) Open iTunes and connect your iOS device. In the "App" section of iTunes scroll down to "File Shargin" and select "Beben III".
6) Drag'n'drop the to the "Beben III Documents" section.

7) Start Beben III on your iOS device and tap "Quake 3 Arena" a few seconds later the game will start.

Where to buy Quake 3?

Steam, Amazon, or a local reseller.

How to delete games

If your game files get somehow corrupted or you want to clear some space on your device just swipe from the right to left in the "SELECT GAME" screen.

What's next

  • Game Center Integration
  • iCloud Sync for Settings
  • Better network handling for background mode (server)
  • Gamepad Support (just need the hardware)


If you want access to the source code just drop me an email to ronny.stiftel[at]


For just $0,99 on the App Store

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