Tuesday, October 9, 2012

gMaps Browser - Google Maps Client for iOS6

Just a few minutes ago my new App "gMaps Browser",a hybrid native/web Google Maps client for iOS6 got approved. Featuring Satellite, Road, Terrain Maps and the option to blend Traffic, Public Transit,Weather and Panoramico layers in.

The Google Maps view is loaded from a local html file, the UI itself is native and triggering the state changes via JavaScript. To allow external links i set up an handler which triggers before any request to an external link was made and opens them in Safari. The Location Search is using Googles Geocoding API. Took me 3-4 day to finish working on it in my spare time. Sadly i have to submit an update to make it work in full resolution on the iPhone 5 since i forgot to include the matching "Launch Images". On my own device it works without them but seems when i download it via the App Store i just get the regular iPhone4 resolution.

Any feedback is welcomed.

Download for free from iTunes

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