Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mountain Lion - Developer Preview 4 Build 12A239

Yesterday Apple released a "near final" Mountain Lion, Build 12A239. Besides some stability and under the hood changes this update brought some visuell changes as well. The biggest one?
The Dock got updated.

Since i mostly have my dock on the right side of the screen i wont see much of it.
The Notification Center got a new Icon.

We have now a System-Wide Dictation feature available, similar to the one on the new iPad.

I made a few tests and it seems to work pretty well in English and German. You can enable it by pressing FN twice anywhere you can enter text.

The "Mail, Contacts & Calendar" control panel got updates, but no Facebook (yet).
Notes and Reminder syncs via iCloud now over all your devices, and have some visuell improvements.
Overall the System seems to be more stable and faster then in previous Developer Previews.

Read more about Mountain Lion.

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