Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mountain Lion - Developer Preview 3 Build 12A193i

Yesterday Apple published an Update to the Developer Preview of Mountain Lion. Its available in the App-Store which completely replaced the regular Software Update.

"If you already have Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3 installed, choose Software Update from the Apple menu to download the update from the Mac App Store. Download Xcode 4.4 Developer Preview 4 from the Mac Dev Center to continue building apps for Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3 Update."

At first glance the notification center got updated with the possibility to easily disable any notifications, an feature that surely will be introduced in iOS 6 as well.

The system seems overall a lot more responsive and faster then the previous developer builds and it also seems to fix a few issues i had with DP3 like a freezing Dock.

Another feature we gonna see in iOS 6 is the user verification when Applications try to access your contacts, this was introduced in an earlier build but its actually the first time i saw the dialoge.

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