Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DiskAid - iPhone, iPad & iPod Transfer Tool for OS X & Windows

Even with iCloud and iTunesMatch there are times you would like to access specific data on your iPhone/iPad, or even recover it directly from the device? DiskAid makes this possible and much more.

Access Data such as: Music, Video, Photos, Contacts, Notes, Call History, Text Messages (SMS), Voicemail and Voice Memos and with a Jailbroken device even the root file system.

The interface is clean and intuitive, on the left side you choose what kind of data you want to access and on the right side you see the available content.

You can restore files by selecting them and choosing "Copy to Computer", or just drag'n'drop like you would expect. Incase of the "Music & Video" files you can even choose to restore it to your iTunes Library which makes a full backup from your device possible.

"Import a whole iPod library in two clicks with the super-easy copy wizard included! With it’s intuitive selection system and simplified copy interface it has never been easier to use DiskAid transfer the iPod or iPhone music back into iTunes or any other desired location on your Mac or PC."

A rather unique feature is to ability to access your phone and sms logs.
"No hacks, no hassle: you are a click away from having your iPhone’s SMS messages and iMessages copied to your computer.DiskAid instantly exports your call history log, voicemail, voice memo, notes and your whole contacts list. Just drag and drop items from the DiskAid window to your desktop!"

Another interesting feature is access to the sandboxed file storage of all your installed apps, which allows you to manipulate save games or just check what data certain apps keep.
Want some more in-game money without paying for it, just grab your hex editor. 
For apps that use iCloud you can open the according local iCloud folder.
If your device is jailbroken you can access the root filesystem as well.
"Access the iPhone Operating System, files and folders. DiskAid provides a reliable, fast and secure alternative to SSH without jailbreak, thirds party installers or any other hack.
(Root access does require a jailbreak)"

DiskAid is a great tool that gives you more control over your device in terms of backup and file access. It's available for Mac OS X and Windows with a free version that has some small limitations or the full version for just $24.90.

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Fang said...

I have one similar to this, but it basically shows your iPod as a regular storage device. This one seems a lot more useful!