Friday, February 24, 2012

Bitcasa - Infinite Storage on your Desktop

A new little startup is promising nothing less then unlimited (cloud powered) storage on your desktop, or laptop for that matter.

"Bitcasa is revolutionizing personal cloud storage! Unlike other cloud-based storage solutions that simply copy your files to the cloud, Bitcasa gives you infinite storage on your desktop. In fact, our virtual storage model allows you to easily sync all your data across devices, instantly share large files with friends and family and provides a secure alternative to other online backup solutions. You never have to worry about your data again."

On the technical side it seems Bitcasa is in large parts a FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) driver to a cloud storage provider, most likely Amazons S3.

After installation you get a new Bitcasa folder in your user home, inside you see all connected cloud folders. In each folder you see a free space of around 600TB, but no matter how much you upload the free space stays the same. Since they use a fuse driver all the coud folders are fully transparent for your OS and you can access em with any programs, shell or os function.

You can upload any folder on your harddisk to the cloud by just right click and choose "Cloudify this".

The process while take a while, depending on your bandwidth. Bitcasa currently dont delete files after the upload so you need to disconnect the folder in the Bitcasa preferences, delete it, and reconnect it.
Word is that behavior gonna change in future versions so you can choose to move your files to the cloud instead of copying em.

I'am running the beta since a few days and so far its overall stable, easy to use and unobtrusive. I had some issues with a few larger files which gave me I/O errors after cloudifying, so i had to upload them again.
Great Finder integration.
For me this could be the ultimate dropbox killer, they just need to add features like public sharing for single files and some polish to the interface.
Bitcasa Interface
The service is currently available for OS X and Windows, with a upcoming Linux version and most likely iOS and Android versions.

It's free while in Beta and gonna cost 10$/Month when it goes "live".

Click here to apply for the beta test.


Fang said...

I was all pumped, "holy shit this it too good to be true", and then you hit me with the full release 10-bucks-a-month thing. I knew it was too good to be true. ):

G said...

I have to agree with Fang $10 is a lot

Ruben said...

im def gonna look into this, thanks