Monday, November 28, 2011

Absolute Instant - Great iOS SHUMP

And its free today!

Great shooter in the spirit of cave games. Great graphics, good gameplay and tons of bullets.

DRAG the circular region to move the fighting jets.
TAP anywhere to teleport out of enemies’ attacks.
SHAKE to drop a black hole bomb that sucks in all enemies’ bullets, even the smaller enemies!

•Unique teleporting gameplay (only possible on touchscreen!)
•3 difficulty levels
•3 characters with different attacks
•6 stages with bullet hell bosses
•Over 30 different enemy types
•Various magical attacks from special enemies and bosses
•Compatible with Game Center & OpenFeint
•Built-in tutorial
•Awesome HD graphics
•Fast paced and adrenaline rushed music
Download in iTunes


ramos89 said...

Very good game, perfect interface, easy to comand!! Thums up!!

Fang said...

What is that free? DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
Must be Cyber Monday, right?

Hento the loony repairman :D said...

well i doubt you could play touhou like this, but this is awesome as well!, i wonder if in japan theya lready ported the tohou games XD

and check the vid if you dont know what im talking about XD

freshfogger said...

app store here i come