Monday, July 11, 2011

Disco - Mac Disc Burning, now for free

Disco is a powerful burning suite for Mac OS X. Sadly the developer seems to be out of business so they made Disco available for free (nice move guys!).

"As of July 2011 development and support of Disco have been officially discontinued. Disco will remain downloadable by any one who wishes to use it. The following fully free license code and name will remain available for everyone to use:

Code: DSCO-111-113-199-99"

On my MacBook it's crashing each start, could be related to Lion or the fact that i removed my SuperDrive.
Discography keeps track of every file on every disc you burn. You caninstantly search through tens of thousands of burned files and find out info such as when it was burned, to what disc it was burned, and when it was last edited. If you find yourself constantly losing track of what disc your files are on then Discography will be a welcome addition to your toolset. Discography is always on and keeping track of your burns -- so it's only there when you need it.

Have more files than you can fit on a single disc but don't feel like manually weeding them out and dividing them? Well,Disco can handle it for you. If Disco detects the total size of the files you're burning is bigger than the disc, it will try to divide them amongst multiple discs so that they fit. Through its beautiful UI, Disco visually indicates how many discs you'll be needing, and then you simply feed it new ones as it handles the burning for you.

We have dubbed the workflow technology we created for Disco "Crossroads." Crossroads lets Disco assist you through every step of the process with a beautiful and informative animated interface, while also offering you full control over every step. Crossroads doesn't try to think for you, instead it works with and for you based on your actions. We sought out to make the most straightforward disc burning utility out there.

Power Tools
Disco does more than just look pretty, though. Pro users will be glad that they can take advantage of the seamless multi-session support, many different file systems, and tons of disc image burning options. Disco can also handle creating a disc image from a set group of files, erasing rewritable media, Audio disc burning, and it can even detect physical motion on laptops to prevent coasters.

With Disco we tried pushing the boundaries of interface, usability, and utter functional simplicity. Well, once you realize that Disco is emitting real time smoke as you burn, we start redefining theboundaries of progress indication. You can even blow into your microphone and the smoke will react accordingly.

Use those data to register:
Code: DSCO-111-113-199-99


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I wanted to burn something with the macbook pro of a friend and remembered the post in your blog. Thanks for the link. Work well.