Monday, June 6, 2011

WWDC - Mac OS X Lion

Here is a fast overview of the Mac OS X Lion preview from this years WWDC.

Emphasis is on the new iOS like gestures, Mission Control and Launchpad.

They showed gestures for switching to full screen and back.
Photo Booth has full screen mode and new effects, expect twitter birds.
In depth preview of the auto save and Versions feature.
AirDrop peer 2 peer file exchange over WiFi, its already available in the beta builds will write in depth about it soon.
New Mail
Mac OS X Lion will be released in July for 29,90$ only on the Mac Appstore.

Read more about Mac OS X Lion.

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Colin Biano said...
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Fang said...

Mission control looks awesome, and will help me keep work environments seperated from other stuff.
Versions is going to be the shit for me. I make tons of tiny changes in lots of different documents all the time, so this is going to be very useful for getting back something I deleted on a whim.

Wait... Only on the Mac Appstore? No installation disks?BLEGH

MuteMath Fan (& news junkie too!) said...

Making updates via appstore is a creative way to say goodbye to piracy, maybe. As far as iOS5 goes, I WANT.