Monday, June 6, 2011

WWDC - iTunes 10.5 Beta

Just installed iTunes 10.5 Beta and so far i could only spot optical changes.

The interface is a bit cleaner, volume slider and player control buttons once more changed the appearance.

The font in the sidebar is a little bit smaller.
And with OS X Lion, iTunes 10.5 supports full screen mode.

iTunes 10.5 is available for download at the Apple Developer Center


Trelin said...

So itunes didn't support full screen until now?!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't appear to be there anymore :(

Unless of course you have to be a paying Apple Developer

CPH said...

Very nice!

Fang said...

Fullscreen on iTunes? Meh, only useful if you use your computer for music playing for long periods of time, and want to select other songs, and do nothing else. I myself rarely use fullscreen modi for anything.

Marquall said...

Hate iTunes!

paidvacation1605 said...

i just installed the new itunes and it is working fine.