Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Perfect MacBook Setup - Part 1 Hardware

Since i have to stay a while on my late 2008 13'' MacBook before i can buy a new i7 MacBook Pro, i decided to tune it with a brand new Intel SpeedStar 120GB SSD and a fresh Installation of Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 4.

The replacement of the the HDD was as easy as it can get but 120GB storage seems a bit limited to me, especially with a iTunes Database of 140GB :). So i ordered a OptiBay Superdrive exchange kit to replace my DVD drive with a second 500GB SATA HDD (Seagate Momentus). Sadly the kit hasn't arrived yet.

On the Software side i installed a fresh copy of Lion, to enable the SSD to use TRIM i used Trim-Enabler, which is, contrary to what i posted back then, very well compatible with Lion.

Startup Time is around 4 seconds and the reaction time of the operating system and applications is awesome. Even the big guys like Photoshop or Microsoft Word open in a few seconds.

xBench Results
I enabled full harddrive encryption via FileVault and the speed is still amazing, tough i may disable it (i never gonna loose my MB anyways)
More when the OptiBay arrives...


phosports said...

thanks for the tips, going to do this to my macbook now

Aaron M. Gipson said...

Well you can't really argue with speed like that! I think every time I come to this blog I get more convinced that I actually want to try a Mac out now.

Monoriss said...

lol thats awesome i need to show this to my sister thanks for the tips

Fang said...

>Photoshop opening in a few seconds

I myself am saving up for a well-deserved upgrade to a Macbook Pro (15", higher specs model, high-def screen, lower storage but higher rpm drive)
Still pondering wether or not to go for a matte screen. Can you offer any advice about that in a future post?

But if I were you I would've gotten a Thunderbolt compatible external disk, because it's going to be useful later on.

charmingguy said...