Friday, April 15, 2011

Lion Preview: Server Overview

Mac OS X Server is now a core feature of OS X Lion, and bundled with the standard version of Mac OS X. Server Tools are not installed by default, but can be installed by clicking customize during the installation process. Mac OS X Server includes services and applications for file sharing, sharing contact information and calendars, schedule events, send secure instant messages, conduct live video conferences, send and receive email, contribute to and comment in wikis, publish a companywide blog, produce and distribute podcasts, and set up websites.
New features in Lion include:

Easy Setup
Lion Server guides you through configuring your Mac as a server. And it provides local and remote administration — for users and groups, push notifications, file sharing, calendaring, mail, contacts, chat, Time Machine, VPN, web, and wiki services — all in one place.

Wiki Server 3
Wiki Server 3 makes it even easier to collaborate, share, and exchange information. Users can quickly switch between a server’s home page, My Page, Updates, Wikis, People, and Podcasts. File sharing is simpler than ever, and a new Page Editor makes customization a breeze.

File Sharing for iPad
Lion Server delivers wireless file sharing for iPad. Enabling WebDAV in Lion Server gives iPad users the ability to access, copy, and share documents on the server from applications such as Keynote, Numbers, and Pages.
Profile Manager
Profile Manager delivers simple, profile-based setup and management for Mac OS X Lion, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. It also integrates with your existing directory services and delivers automatic over-the-air profile updates using the Apple Push Notification service.

It is based on an open source foundation called Darwin and uses open industry standards and protocols.

File and Print Services

  • Mac (AFP, AppleTalk PAP, IPP) 
  • Windows (SMB/CIFS, IPP) 
  • Unix-like systems (NFS, LPR/LPD, IPP) 
  • Internet (FTP, WebDAV) 

Directory Services and Authentication

  • Open Directory (OpenLDAP,Kerberos, SASL) 
  • NT Domain Services (Samba 3) 
  • Backup Domain Controller (BDC) 
  • LDAP directory connector 
  • Active Directory connector 
  • BSD configuration files (/etc) 

Mail Services

  • SMTP (Postfix) 
  • POP and IMAP (Dovecot) 
  • SSL/TLS encryption (OpenSSL) 
  • Mailing lists (Mailman) 
  • Webmail (SquirrelMail) 
  • Junk mail filtering (SpamAssassin) 
  • Virus detection (ClamAV) 


  • iCal Server (CalDAV, iTIP, iMIP) 

Web Hosting

  • Apache web server 
  • SSL/TLS (OpenSSL) 
  • WebDAV 
  • Perl, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Python 
  • PostgresSQL 
  • Capistrano, Mongrel 

Collaboration Services

  • Wiki Server (RSS) 
  • iChat Server 2 (XMPP) 

Media Streaming

  • QuickTime Streaming Server 
  • QuickTime Broadcaster 

Client Management

  • Managed Preferences 
  • NetBoot 
  • NetInstall 
  • Software Update Server 
  • Portable home directories 
  • Profile Manager 

Networking and VPN
  • DNS server (BIND 9) 
  • DHCP server 
  • NAT server 
  • VPN server (L2TP/IPSec, PPTP) 
  • Firewall (IPFW2) 
  • NTP 

Distributed Computing

  • Xgrid 2 

High-Availability Features
  • Automatic recovery 
  • File system journaling 
  • IP failover 
  • Software RAID 
  • Disk space monitor 

File Systems

  • HFS+ (journaled, case sensitive and case insensitive) 
  • FAT 
  • eXFat 
  • NTFS 
  • UFS (read-only) 

Management Features

  • Server AdminServer Assistant 
  • Server Preferences 
  • Server Status widget 
  • Workgroup Manager 
  • System Image Utility 
  • Secure Shell (SSH2) 
  • Server Monitor 
  • RAID Utility 
  • SNMPv3 (Net-SNMP) 

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ed said...

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Looks like a very handy, should make managing servers easier.

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Your guides are awesome, good job.

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Great way to manage a server :D

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I think this is pretty clever, but as a server administrator myself, I can say without doubt that I would never use anything other than Linux.

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looks very intuitive!

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@Aaron M. Gipson you must work in a small company if you can choose your servers just for ideology reasons.
In the real (big) world you wont be able to not use a bsd,aix or zos for example when its needed.

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very complicated and intuitive

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